What Happens on World Mental Health Day, and How Can You Celebrate It?

What Happens on World Mental Health Day, and How Can You Celebrate It?

A considerable number of individuals are grappling with various aspects of their mental health and overall well-being, encompassing physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects. Fortunately, World Mental Health Day, observed on October 10, serves as a platform to raise awareness about mental health and combat the stigma often associated with mental health challenges.

Regardless of whether you personally confront mental health issues, there are several ways to acknowledge and commemorate this day, including through your actions, advocacy efforts, and approach to the topic.

The Significance of Mental Health

What is the significance of World Mental Health Day? It originated in 1992, driven by the endeavors of the World Federation for Mental Health. This organization, with a presence in 150 countries, aims to draw attention to mental health issues and their global impact.

Regrettably, the need for mental health awareness and advocacy remains substantial. According to a survey conducted by Monster, a significant 63 percent of respondents reported their mental health as either poor (35%) or fair (28%).

Furthermore, a survey involving 5,000 individuals by Muse revealed that a significant percentage, ranging from 38% to 44%, felt overworked or experienced burnout. Respondents reported a lack of joy and feelings of being undervalued, with 47% attributing their negative experiences to stress.

Stress proves to be a prevalent and significant concern for various demographics. In a Stress in America poll, 62% of women and 51% of men between the ages of 18 and 34 expressed feeling completely overwhelmed by stress.

Additionally, a survey by Cigna found that 91% of individuals from Generation Z reported experiencing stress, with 98% indicating they felt burned out.

Celebrate Through Sharing

So, how can you mark World Mental Health Day and pay tribute to it? One of the initial ways is to emphasize visibility. Share your own experiences with mental health and engage in posting, liking, and sharing content to underscore and reinforce the importance of mental health.

Another way to commemorate this day is by reaching out to the people you care about. Connection plays a pivotal role in overall well-being, affecting physical, cognitive, and emotional health. The sense of belonging to a community and forming connections with others is crucial.

Take a moment to send a text or email to a friend, make a phone call to a loved one, or pay a visit to a neighbor. If you are aware of someone grappling with mental health challenges, extend your support to make them feel seen and heard. Even if they are not experiencing such challenges, expressing friendship and compassion can contribute positively to the well-being of both parties.

Celebrate Through Engagement

Another meaningful way to observe World Mental Health Day is by educating yourself about mental health. Gain a deeper understanding of its prevalence and the factors that impact mental health. Explore local organizations dedicated to mental health support and consider volunteering or contributing to the promotion of positive mental health in your community.

It’s noteworthy that according to an assessment by Solient, the states with the most favorable conditions for mental health include Nebraska, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Vermont, Colorado, North Dakota, and Utah. This assessment considers factors such as the number of mental health days, access to exercise, mental care accessibility, employment opportunities, violent crime rates, safety, air quality, and engagement of youth.

Learn about the specific circumstances that affect mental health in your community, and actively engage in efforts to enhance the well-being of those around you.

Celebrate Through Influence at Work

Organizations also have a role to play in promoting mental health. Employers can make a difference by organizing events, providing resources on internal platforms, encouraging employees to share their mental health stories, and initiating affinity groups. All of these initiatives contribute to fostering a supportive mental health environment.

Work constitutes a significant part of our lives and can greatly influence our self-esteem and overall fulfillment. Employers can contribute to holistic well-being by emphasizing the purpose of each job, offering opportunities for learning and development, and aligning employees as closely as possible with tasks they enjoy. These factors collectively enhance the overall sense of well-being among employees.

Celebrate Through Taking Action

It’s crucial to acknowledge that life can present challenges, and endeavors such as pursuing great work, building meaningful relationships, and making a positive impact require effort. Not every aspect of life will be smooth, but developing resilience is possible by recognizing your capabilities, prioritizing your goals, and relying on your support network.

Mark World Mental Health Day by actively seeking constructive challenges, acquiring new knowledge, and embracing opportunities that push you beyond your comfort zone. Happiness is not solely derived from leisure time with loved ones; it also stems from trying new experiences, pushing your boundaries positively, and emerging from difficult situations with valuable lessons.

Agency, or the sense of taking control of your actions and empowering yourself to shape your future, is a fundamental aspect of mental health. Research by Thomas Bateman demonstrates that agency results from foresight, self-management, continuous learning, and adaptation.

According to Bateman, you can enhance your agency and mental health by setting goals, taking action, and concurrently caring for your well-being, managing your emotions, and handling stress. Reflection, reconsideration, and necessary adjustments are also part of the journey.

Mental health encompasses seeking assistance when needed, as well as growth, learning, adaptation, and the development of capabilities to tackle life’s diverse challenges.

Celebrate and Pay Tribute

While the term “celebrate” may seem unusual in the context of World Mental Health Day, it’s more about honoring the significance of mental health, showing support for those facing challenges, and recognizing the processes that create a society aware of mental health and committed to the well-being of its members.

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